Introducing the new Energy Toolbase Pre-Proposal Service

Introducing our new Energy Toolbase Pre-Proposal Service, this service is designed to take the guesswork out of recreating your customer’s energy use profile and save time, time that could be spent selling more projects.

Explore the fully revamped Energy Toolbase Help Center

Energy Toolbase has always provided our users with the most up-to-date content to help navigate the ETB Developer platform and beyond. Our Help Center has always been a spot where users can go to get their questions answered while they’re creating proposals.

An Overview of our new ETB Developer v4 Release

We are excited to announce the launch of a big, new software update to the ETB Developer platform. As many of our users may already know, this release has been in development for quite some time. Our new update, which we are referring to as our “v4 (version 4)” release …