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New Proposal Configurations in ETB: Expediting the Solar + Storage Proposal Creation Process

Ourrecently released v4 ETB Developer platform includes a number of new and improved UI’s and UX’s which were designed to give users more streamlined everyday workflows for modeling their solar and energy storage proposalsOne of the new features, which was designed specifically to speed up users’ proposal creation process, is our new Proposal Configurations feature. With Proposal Configurations, users can pre-configure proposal settings and inputs, such as PV & ESS sizing, Incentives, Transactions, Documents, and even rate switch details as a template to use when creating new proposals. 

Proposal Configurations removes the extra time and mouse clicks required to manually reconstruct these values on each proposal. Here’s an example of (4) Proposal Configurations we set up for a commercial solar+storage developer in the SDG&E territory. We basically pre-configured (4) template PV+ESS system sizes (small, medium, large, extra-large), all of which utilized pre-specified rate switches, Incentives, Transactions, and Document Templates: 

  • SDG&E small C&I, TOU-A, 100 kW PV + 50/100 ESS 
  • SDG&E medium C&I, AL-TOU to DG-R250 kW PV + 100/200 ESS 
  • SDG&E large C&I, AL-TOU to DG-R, 500 kW PV + 250/500 ESS 
  • SDG&E extra large C&I, AL-TOU to DG-R, 1,000 kW PV + 500/1,000 ESS 

Creating new Proposal Configurations very is quick and intuitive to set up. Select ‘Create Proposal Configuration’ in the General Information portlet menu and give it a detailed name. We purposefully designed the Proposal Configurations feature to be flexible. Users can elect to pre-define any set of assumptions together or by themselves. For example, if a user only pre-configured specific system sizes or Transactions, that Proposal Configuration could be used in any geography or utility territory. Whereas other users may want to set up rate switching configurations and incentives specific to the territories they operate in 

Check out ourHelp Center section on Proposal Configurations to get a more detailed explanation. We encourage users to connect with their assigned Account Manager for assistance in setting up Proposal Configurations that are specific to your business. This feature is sure to see many different types of use cases and enhance users’ productivity in ETB. You can watch a short demo of our Proposal Configurations feature below: 

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