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What We Offer

Our team of solar and energy storage consultants performs a comprehensive economic analysis for your specific solar and/or energy storage facility. We conduct thorough evaluations across all facets of your project, offering recommendations on system sizing, rate tariffs, and strategies for stacking incentives. Our Solar + Energy Storage Analysis provides an invaluable analysis of your potential projects including:

Solar + Energy Storage Analysis

How It Works


Sign up for our ETB Consulting app free of charge, no credit card required to submit your Solar + Energy Storage Analysis request.


Complete the Solar + Energy Storage Analysis request form and submit the details to our Services Team.


One of our experts will contact you to arrange a meeting for reviewing your request.


Upon receiving your request, our team will begin the process of recreating your customers’ utility rate and energy usage.


Utilizing the details from your request form, our team will craft a proposal to meet your requirements.


Attend our expert-led review meeting to delve into the assumptions made, ask questions, and review the proposal they have prepared.

Why Utilize Us?​

Project Development Expertise

Unlock the full potential of your renewable energy projects with our comprehensive service, backed by decades of project development expertise.

Quality Assurance Guaranteed

With our rigorous quality assurance process, every aspect of your analysis undergoes meticulous validation, guaranteeing precise and reliable analysis.

Energy Market Expertise

Our market expertise ensures your analysis aligns with regional policies, maximizing success with rate tariffs, net metering frameworks, and incentives.

Maximize Efficiency

Leverage our extensive modeling expertise to streamline your efforts, allowing your team to focus on high-value opportunities poised to close.

Who We Serve

ETB provides consulting services to a variety of stakeholders, including:

Solar & Storage
Project Developers


Corporations & Business Owners

& Investors

Our Pricing


per analysis
delivered in days

Need an assessment of your entire portfolio?

Design, consulting, and advisory services for your portfolio of solar and battery storage projects performed by ETB’s team of experts. Contact us for Enterprise opportunities.