Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) - Federal Investment Tax Credits(ITC) For Solar & Storage Projects

The ETB team has extensively studied the new tax credit provisions within the IRA to understand how they will affect the economics of projects and to determine strategies for project developers and asset owners to fully capitalize on this historic legislation.

Learn How to Capitalize On The IRA

We have put together a complete guide that includes resources and content that will help developers capitalize on this legislation. This includes how to:

  • Identify and optimize the savings and economics of PV + ESS projects
  • Identify the best standalone ESS projects
  • Model the economics for any variation of ITC or PTC incentive in ETB Developer
  • Optimize eligible ITC-Adders: domestic content, energy communities, low income
  • Quantify the marginal economics of retrofitting ESS onto existing PV projects

Get Access to our Full IRA/ITC Report

View our report that shows the effects the ITC/IRA will have on project economics and strategies to help you capitalize on this legislation.