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Advanced Energy Storage

Third-party cost analysis for energy storage systems, with or without solar PV. Our optimization widget determines the optimal storage capacity to maximize project returns.

Solar PV Systems

Model and propose any type of project, for any type of customer, using any type of financing. We simplify complexity, to shorten your sales cycle and close more deals.

Utility Rates and Incentives

Our database tracks rates and incentives in over 30 states and 100 utility territories. Users can create custom utility rate schedules to exactly match their customer’s tariffs.

Why choose us

There are a number of software solutions out there. Marketing claims are cheap.
We let our product do all the talking.


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Why to choose us

We are obsessed with accuracy and precision. We’ll exactly calculate your customer’s utility costs and energy savings in a transparent and defensible way.

Best-in-class importation of interval data from any file format, including Green Button or Excel. Get the most granular view of your customer’s usage profile and stop making assumptions.

We simulate kW demand reductions from solar, and back it up with data. For each billing cycle of the year we graphically illustrate when the max demand occurred, both pre and post-solar.

In addition to our direct integration with PV Watts, we allow users to import solar production data from PVsyst, PVSim, HelioScope or any other tool that outputs an 8760 file.

Accurately model the economics of NEM aggregation, virtual NEM, or multi-facility projects. And then propose these complex deals in a logical and transparent way.

Find the optimal rate schedule for your customer post-solar. Precisely quantify the difference in savings across all rate options, and stop leaving money on the table.

Our lightweight CRM allows you to manage your leads, energy use data, and proposals all in one place. Quickly qualify your “real deals” and then get them to the finish line.

The Solar Industry’s Most Powerful & Intelligent Software Tool

Meet the team

Energy Toolbase was built BY energy developers FOR energy developers.

John Gurski


After years of building models in Excel, he conceived of the idea for Energy Toolbase. John previously led the project development department of a leading Southern California installer, before founding his own solar development consulting company. He writes the software.

Stefanie Cohen

Operations Manager

She graduated with a degree in mathematics so she’s good with numbers. Stefanie previously worked in a project management role for a utility consulting company. She runs day to day operations, and maintains our utility rate tariff library.

Adam Gerza

Business Development

He strangely finds enjoyment when modeling solar and storage projects on complex utility rate tariffs. Adam has worked in the solar industry for the last six years in various project development, finance, and policy roles. He leads sales and marketing.

Change is the only constant. The energy industry is rapidly evolving.

Energy Toolbase allows you to analyze the complexities
of combined technology systems, in an era of
ever-changing utility rates and incentives.


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Pricing Tables

1 User Personal Use

$150.00 Per Month / Per User

  • Access from anywhere
  • Email Support for Users
  • Free 14-day trial

3 Users Small Developer

$120.00 Per Month / Per User

  • Access from anywhere
  • Email Support for Users
  • 20% Less than Single User

5 Users Medium Developer

$110.00 Per Month / Per User

  • Access from anywhere
  • Email Support for Users
  • 26% Less than Single User

10 Users Large Developer

$100.00 Per Month / Per User

  • Access from anywhere
  • Email Support for Users
  • 33% Less than Single User

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If you have a team with more than 10 users, contact use at (866) 303-7786 to discuss bulk pricing.

Our Clients

What do Sunpower, Sharp, NRG and hundreds of the leading energy developers have in common?
They trust and use the Energy Toolbase platform to do their analysis

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