Complete Transparency of
Your Solar + Storage Assets

ETB Monitor: Robust monitoring software providing real-time insights into the operational performance and savings of your solar or energy storage systems. A monitoring platform that’s directly connected to your modeling and control software.

Seamless Integration with
ETB Developer

Easily toggle between applications. Compare your system savings, solar generation, energy usage, and rate schedule to the original proposal.

Measure & Verify
Dollar Savings

Objectively quantify the avoided cost of your system(s) through Measurement and Verification (M&V), comparing against the original estimate modeled on ETB Developer. Validate and understand why the system saved what it did.

Compare Actual vs Expected
Solar Generation

Visualize expected solar generation based on real site conditions and compare it to your site’s actual solar output. Troubleshoot underperforming systems before it affects savings.

Participate in Demand
Response Programs

Enroll your sites in demand response programs and accept commands from program aggregators or issue dynamic fleet-wide commands yourself.

ETB Monitor

Savings &
Utility Bill Costs

Ross Williams,

HES Solar

We are very impressed with ETB’s monitoring and tracking capabilities! We have active experience with around 10 different established monitoring platforms. ETB’s is easily in the top 2-3, maybe 1-2.


Duke Energy
Energy Toolbase has streamlined our rate analysis process and taken the pain and time out of modeling in new territories as our customers continue to expand.
Jama Bond
Inside Sales Manager
Solar Joint Ventures
With Energy Toolbase I can efficiently simulate various scenarios, fine-tune designs, and showcase the optimal solutions to clients, all while enjoying exceptional customer support.
John Millson
JKB Energy
I wanted to thank you and your team for the great articles you post on your blog. They are some of the best I have seen in the industry, as is your ETB tool.
Rich Borba

Features & Functionality


End-to-end platform allowing you to quickly compare system performance to ETB Developer sales proposals.

Trusted Bill Calculations

Savings analysis powered from the same ETB Developer savings engine and extensive database of 110,000+ rates.

Integrated Proposals

Closeout proposals in ETB Developer and create sites within ETB Monitor using proposal data.

Solar Performance

Visualize actual vs expected solar generation and receive alerts for underperforming systems.