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Web Proposals: A New Paradigm for Solar & Energy Storage Proposal Management

Effective communication and seamless presentation of ideas are pivotal to success in the ever-evolving landscape of solar + storage design and development. In a competitive business environment, delivering impactful proposals and engaging clients effectively can make all the difference. Recognizing the need for a more sophisticated approach to proposal management, we are pleased to introduce transformative new features that will make this possible: Web Proposals and Designs. 

Introducing Web Proposals

Web Proposals are designed to empower ETB Developer users with a refined toolset for creating comprehensive proposals and elevating the management of those proposals. Moving beyond the limitations of traditional, static proposals, Web Proposals enable users to compile a collection of multiple designs within a single proposal, providing your clients with a comprehensive overview of the possibilities and an innovative way to present proposals and interact with clients.  

Effortless Sharing, Insightful Tracking, and Custom Branding 

One of the standout features of Web Proposals is the ability to share proposals through a unique link effortlessly. This streamlined sharing process eliminates the need for cumbersome attachments and ensures a more efficient and professional client experience. Here’s an example of apublished web catalog that you can share with your customer!

What truly sets Web Proposals apart is its robust analytics functionality. Users can access real-time insights into the performance of their shared Web Proposal. This includes data on when the catalog was accessed, the duration of each viewing session, and a breakdown of which designs garnered the most attention. Such granular insights give users a valuable edge in tailoring their follow-ups and refining their design strategies. 

Consistency in branding is a hallmark of professionalism. With Web Proposals, users can seamlessly integrate their brand colors and logos into their Web Proposal. This enables a cohesive brand experience throughout the client interaction, reinforcing brand identity and leaving a lasting impression.


Implementing Web Proposals: A Simple Process 

Getting started with Web Proposals is intuitive and straightforward: 

  1. Compile Your Proposal: Curate a selection of designs to propose to your clients. 

  1. Share Strategically: Generate and deliver a shareable link to your clients, streamlining the proposal presentation process. 

  1. Strategic Insights: Leverage the Sessions table to gain meaningful insights into client engagement patterns, informing your approach and strategies.  

Introducing Designs

Proposal Designs will transform how proposals are created and presented to clients and enable you to seamlessly create engaging and tailored proposals that resonate with your clients. Combined with the Web Proposal feature, it will further elevate the presentation of your proposals. 

On theEdit Proposal Page, you will now see a side navigation menu on the left of the screen. This user-friendly menu offers quick access to the enhanced proposal creation experience. Let’s dive into the key sections of this feature. 

Designs & Documents: Enhance Professionalism and Create Tailored Proposal Versions 

In the Design section, users can craft multiple versions of a proposal to suit different scenarios or customer preferences. Adding a new design is as simple as clicking the Add New Design button in the side menu. This empowers you to explore various options and deliver personalized proposals. In the Documents section, users can access document templates and add documents to each design within your proposal. These documents can be printed as PDFs or used with the new Web Proposal feature. This integration offers an opportunity for streamlining the sharing of documents with clients. 

Designs and the Web Proposals work harmoniously together. Combining documents for each design into a single link allows you to create a cohesive and organized presentation that can be easily shared with your customers. To navigate and utilize the Proposal Design functionality effectively, our detailed tutorial is readily available for your reference. Additionally, our dedicated Account Managers are always at your service, ready to provide guidance and support. 

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