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Explore the fully revamped Energy Toolbase Help Center

Energy Toolbase has always provided users with the most up-to-date content to help navigate the ETB Developer platform and beyond. TheETB Help Center is where users can go to get their questions answered in the midst of creating proposals. We recently revamped the Help Center so that anyone can access it, even those who are not Energy Toolbase users or customers. The Help Center now provides helpful info and content on our entire product suite which includes our ETB Developer sales and modeling platform, Acumen EMS™ (energy management system), and ETB Monitor monitoring platform. Whether you need help navigating through our platform, want some clarification on how we calculate certain values, have questions on our ETB Monitor alerts, or just want to watch some of our video tutorials/demos/recorded webinars, the Help Center will have it.

Where to access the Help Center?

You might notice help center links sprinkled throughout ETB Developer as you’re modeling your solar and storage projects. We added these to the platform to help explain how certain features work and provide some color on how we obtain specific values. By clicking these links, a new tab will open, bringing you directly to the help center article that pertains to the area of the platform you’re exploring. You can also navigate directly to our help center by clicking the ‘Help Center’ link in the ‘Quick Links’ section of the dashboard, this link will open a new tab that brings you to the home page of our help center. This is a public-facing site that anyone can access, so even if you’re not a user or a customer, there is still a ton of great solar and energy storage market and policy-related content that you will find helpful. You might want to keep it bookmarked as we’re always updating and adding new content. 

On the main dashboard, you’ll see a search bar and three category blocks representing each of our product offerings: ETB Developer, Acumen EMS™, and ETB Monitor. Clicking a category will bring you to a list of topics specific to the product you’ve selected that can help you navigate any issues you have or questions that may arise before you connect with your account manager. Each of the topics will hold a plethora of knowledge articles for you to reference.  There are also several video tutorials that will help you navigate our newly updated ETB Developer v4 platform that was just released. The videos on the home page will be periodically changed based on our newest features or updates. 


When we redesigned the Help Center, it was important for us to identify what categories are going to provide the most value to users and what we think will be helpful as quick links. There are four main categories within the Help Center: 

  • Video Tutorials: The video tutorials section consists of several short and long-form videos that demo our features from each of our products. 
  • Market Specific Knowledge: The Energy Toolbase team is constantly researching different policies for solar and energy storage in markets across the country. This section will review all of the biggest policies and mandates and how they affect project modeling in specific states or markets. 
  • Glossary: A list of terms and definitions used throughout our platform and industry. 
  • Webinars: An archive list of training and educational webinars hosted by Energy Toolbase. 


We regularly create new knowledge articles in the Help Center. If you wish to see articles on a specific topic, please let us know by reaching out to your account manager or sending us an email and we will be happy to add them. We hope that you find the ETB Help Center to be a great resource that enhances your experience as you model, control, and monitor your solar and storage projects with Energy Toolbase. 


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