The Definitive Guide on Electric Utility Bill Inflation in California over the Last Decade

Utilizing representative utility bill cost inflation data is critical for determining the economics of a behind-the-meter (BTM) solar + storage project. The annualized ‘utility rate inflation’ input is one of the most influential assumptions in the financial model when determining the lifetime economics of a project. Given that rate inflation compounds over time and financial models are typically run over a 25+ year period, the input will materially influence the payback period, return on investment, and net present value. The solar industry lacks standardization when it comes to this critical input. It is not uncommon for a homeowner soliciting solar proposals from several installation companies to receive widely varying assumptions on the inflation rate.

Introducing our Enterprise Services Team: Leverage the best of Energy Toolbase’s Solar + Storage project development domain expertise

Energy Toolbase is excited to announce the launch of our new Enterprise Services (ES) division, offering a range of consulting and advisory services performed by our team of domain experts. Clients can hire our ES team to conduct a thorough techno-economic analysis on their behalf, where we analyze, validate, and optimize all aspects of their solar + storage project(s).

NEM-3 “Net Billing” Tariff Revised Proposed Decision (November 2022) – Summary of key issues, What it means for Solar and Storage Economics, How to Model Projects in Energy Toolbase

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) released their much anticipated, revised Proposed Decision (PD) on the state’s “NEM-3” successor net metering tariff last week. The newly revised PD establishes a “Net Billing” tariff that introduces an entirely new framework for valuing exported energy.

We are Adjusting the Price of our ETB Developer platform on June 1st

The value we are delivering to our customers is at an all-time high. On June 1, 2022 we will implement changes to the price of our ETB Developer platform. This price change has been a long-time coming, as we have never previously increased the price of our flagship ETB Developer platform in our 8-year company history. This price adjustment will enable us to continue delivering an industry-leading product, with best-in-class support to our valued customers.