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Introducing our Enterprise Services Team: Leverage the best of Energy Toolbase’s Solar + Storage project development domain expertise

Energy Toolbase is excited to announce the launch of our new Enterprise Services (ES) division, offering a range of consulting and advisory services performed by our team of domain experts. Clients can hire our ES team to conduct a thorough techno-economic analysis on their behalf, where we analyze, validate, and optimize all aspects of their solar + storage project(s). Our team leverages our extensive knowledge of local market project development expertise and draws on insights from millions of proposals run on the ETB Developer platform over the past nine years. 

Who We Serve

Our ES team caters to a variety of stakeholders, including corporations, business owners, facility managers, financiers, investors, and solar + storage project developers. We work with companies large and small, ranging in size from Fortune 500 corporations to single facility commercial property owners. 

Why Choose Us

Our ETB Developer software platform is widely regarded as the industry’s gold standard for quantifying the economics of commercial and industrial solar + storage projects. For nearly a decade, clients have inquired if they can pay ETB a fee to run an optimized and validated analysis on their behalf. Now the answer is yes. 

Our ES team leverages our deep understanding of local market dynamics like rate tariff switching, NEM frameworks, state and federal incentive programs, and optimization strategies. Our analyses undergo a thorough quality assurance process to validate assumptions and provide a bankable analysis, saving clients time and allowing them to focus on deploying their highest-value projects.  

Our Services

Our ES team is initially focused on serving behind-the-meter (BTM) commercial and/or industrial projects. Our two most common types of engagements are: 

Portfolio Assessment. ETB quantifies the Value of Solar (VOS) and/or the Value of Solar + Storage (VOS+S) across a range of client specified markets. Our clients receive a dynamic report that allows them to rank-order the results based on any financial output metric, such as the $/kWh value of solar, NPV, or IRR. Our executive summary highlights key findings and makes personalized, actionable recommendations. Our Portfolio Assessment service provides a data-driven solution for showing clients where to focus their time and effort.  

Economic Site Optimization. ETB runs a rigorous techno-economic analysis for one or more facilities on a client’s behalf. Our analysis includes a precise reconstruction of a 365-day utility bill utilizing ETB’sPre-Proposal Service, a solar + storage system sizing optimization based on both maximizing bill savings, optimizing NPV, and any other Client-specified goal. Our ES team collaborates closely with to understand site specifics, space constraints, and future load considerations. We risk assess local market incentive programs, including demand response (DR) and grid services revenue opportunities. For more information on our services, check out ourbrochure. 

Engagement Timeline

We quietly soft-launched our consulting business a year ago when we agreed to perform a Value of Solar + Storage Portfolio Assessment across nearly 100 markets for a Fortune 500 customer. Our team has completed roughly a dozen consulting engagements before we formally launched our Enterprise Services division in Q2 of 2023.  

Anyone can nowsubmit an inquiry form to get a quote for their project; you do not need to be a current ETB Developer customer to use this service. Our ES team will contact you within one business day to schedule a free discovery call to fully understand your potential engagement and explain how our process works. Now that our processes are in place, our ES team can complete engagements in a short period of time. Portfolio Assessment engagements generally take a couple of weeks to complete, depending on the number of markets, scope, and complexity. Economic Site Optimizations are typically completed in 3 to 5 business days. 


Adam Gerza leads our newly launched Enterprise Services team, and the analysis is performed by the senior members of our utility rates and data team, led by Yulia Krivchenkova. Additionally, our ES team draws on the expertise of senior team members in sales, product, and engineering, which ensures clients benefit from all of ETB’s collective domain expertise.  

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