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We are Adjusting the Price of our ETB Developer platform on June 1st

On June 1, 2022 we will implement changes to the price of our ETB Developer platform. The value we are delivering to our customers is at an all-time high. This price change has been a long-time coming, as we have never previously increased the price of our flagship ETB Developer platform in our 8-year company history. This price change is driven in part by the fact that our operating costs have increased as we continue to staff up our product, engineering, utility rates, and support teams. This price adjustment will enable us to continue delivering an industry-leading product, with best-in-class support to our valued customers.  Here are the key details to be aware of:  

  • The price will increase to $199/user/month when paid monthly 
  • Removing seat volume discounts. All user seats will now be billed at the same price level, and we will no longer offer account-level seat volume discounts. 
  • Annual subscriptions will receive a 10% discount. This equates to $179/user/month, or $2,148/user/year when paid annually. 

Our product and engineering teams have delivered a series of new features and improvements to the platform over the last year and we are excited as ever about our future product roadmap. In April of 2021,we launched our big v4 Release, which streamlined many of our core UI’s and UX’s, introduced our new ‘Proposals Configurations’ feature, and enabled more advanced Net Energy Metering (NEM) modeling capabilities to name a few key features. In the last 6 months, we’ve also launched new energy storage and financing integrations, enabling users to quote, optimize, and close solar + storage projects more efficiently. Our engineering team continues to release new features on an ongoing basis. New upcoming functionality that we’ll be releasing soon includes more advanced project management capabilities, and the implementation of our AI-based energy storage dispatch algorithms onto the ETB Developer platform.  

We greatly appreciate our customers and value your business. We are as committed as ever to delivering our customers a best-in-class product along with excellent support. If you have any questions regarding our upcoming price changes, please reach out to your Account Manager directly, or schedule a private zoom call with a representative from our team.   


When will your new price affect me?
The new price will go into effect on June 1st. If you currently pay monthly, your June invoice will reflect our new pricing. If you pay annually, the next time your annual subscription is billed after June 1, it will reflect our new pricing.  

If I currently pay monthly, can I switch to an annual subscription before June 1 and lock in the legacy price?
Yes, if you switch to an annual subscription before June 1, that annual invoice would be billed at our legacy price level assuming that payment is made before June 1. Future invoices will be billed at our new price. 

How can I adjust the number of seats we use and pay for?
You can adjust the number of seats on your Account through the ‘Payment & Subscription’ menu within ‘Company Settings’. Or you can contact your assigned Account Manager and they can assist you.  

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