WEBINAR: NEM Paired Storage: Why it Matters

by Tracy Fosterling on Apr 30, 2020

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nem paired storage


All 3 California IOU's are now officially accepting Energy Storage Net Metering (aka NEM Paired Storage) applications. This effectively permits eligible solar + storage systems to export storage to the grid and receive a full NEM credit, assuming the battery charges entirely from solar. In this webinar, we unpacked the mechanics of how exactly NEM Paired Storage works, and illustrated the added value it can add for both Residential & Commercial solar + storage projects.


Brad Heavner - Policy Director, California Solar & Storage Association (CALSSA)

Adam Gerza - VP Business Development, Energy Toolbase


  1. ) CEC RPS Guidebook overview - 4:24
  2. ) 2014 NEM and storage decision & rules - 5:23
  3. New NEM paired storage rules - 13:15
  4. List of Certified Power Control Systems - 16:18
  5. Modeling NEM paired storage in ETB Developer - 19:50
  6. Case study results - 33:16
  7. Key takeaways for NEM paired storage - 37:35

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