Maximize the Value of Your
Storage Assets

Energy Toolbase’s Acumen EMS™ (energy management system) controls software utilizes AI and machine learning to forecast and optimally discharge energy storage systems operating in the field. Best-in-class technology coupled with industry leading domain expertise.

Co-Optimize Multiple Value Streams

Acumen EMS combines behind-the-meter value stream optimization with grid services participation to generate the highest revenues from your assets including: Demand Charge Management, Time-of-Use Arbitrage, PV Self-Consumption, Demand Response, and Wholesale Market Participation. 

Leverage Our Domain Expertise

With over six years of experience operating storage assets in the field, our multi-disciplinary team brings together complementary skillsets in data science, software engineering, utility rates, project development, and system commissioning and operation.

Constantly Improving

We continuously monitor rate tariff changes and demand response (DR) programs, re-optimizing our dispatch algorithms to maximize value capture. Acumen EMS ingests real-time data to regenerate a new 24-hour dispatch forecast every 15 minutes. Our field data demonstrates increased value capture over time.

Bankable, Supported & Proven

We’re backed by Pason Systems, a global, financially sound, publicly traded energy company with a 40-year track record of supporting critical energy infrastructure. We have a best-in-class field performance track record and service desk, which we are now leveraging in the renewables space.

Hardware Agnostic

We’ve integrated Acumen EMS with over a dozen ESS, PCS, and battery hardware vendors. We can integrate with any commercially available ESS and are partnered with Tier 1 hardware providers.

Acumen EMS Deployments

As of Q2 2024 we are actively operating or contracted in 20+ states/provinces, 4+ countries and rapidly expanding worldwide. View our featured Acumen EMS sites with accompanying case studies by clicking the pins below.

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Operating Project Deployments

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Arch Solar
Working with ETB for a reliable storage solution in times when half of China is shut down along with all the supply chain issues has been a blessing. They not only supplied us with the right battery and EMS solution on time, but the all-in-one package they designed made the installation much simpler and more efficient. We will be installing ETB-sourced products again and again.
Mike Cornell
Project Manager & CIO
Controlling every aspect of the energy storage system—from energy capture to strategic discharge—is critical in maximizing the value and impact of this rapidly developing technology. Our relationship with Energy Toolbase enables us to get the most from every project while ensuring that we deliver on the promised benefits for our partners and customers.
Rob Ritchie
Director of Energy Storage
Energy Toolbase has all of the capabilities you are looking for from the rate database to the modeling software to the sales proposals to the operational engine, to the monitoring platform and customer support services. Energy Toolbase is also backed by a bankable balance sheet.
Chuck Rames
Director of Marketing

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