Webinar Recap: NEM Paired Storage – Why It Matters (April 2020)

All 3 of California’s investor-owned utilities (IOU’s) are now officially accepting energy storage net metering (NEM paired storage) applications. This permits eligible solar + storage systems to export storage to the grid, given the battery charges entirely from solar. We presented with Brad Heavner, Policy Director at California Solar and …

WEBINAR: NEM Paired Storage: Why it Matters

Summary: All 3 California IOU’s are now officially accepting Energy Storage Net Metering (aka NEM Paired Storage) applications. This effectively permits eligible solar + storage systems to export storage to the grid and receive a full NEM credit, assuming the battery charges entirely from solar. In this webinar, we unpacked the mechanics of how exactly […]

Webinar Recap: CALSSA’s Residential Storage Sales & Project Management

Energy Toolbase presented on the California Solar and Storage Associations (CALSSA’s) inaugural Professional Development Series webinar. Our presentation was entitled: Residential Energy Storage Sales & Modeling Best Practices. Here are the main topics we covered in our presentation if you want to skip ahead: 1:06 Summary of the best residential …

WEBINAR: CALSSA Residential Storage Sales and Project Management

Summary: This webinar was hosted by CALSSA, sponsored by Energy Toolbase, OutBack Power, ENACT Systems, SolarEdge & Panasonic. The webinar series is sponsored by CED Greentech & Sonnen. Here is Energy Toolbase’s section on accurately modeling residential projects in Califonia & best rate schedules for residential projects (PG&E, SCE, SDG&E). Agenda:  Best TOU rate in […]