Fortune 500 grocer deploys Acumen EMS™ on store in Mexico

by Lindsey Paulk on Nov 15, 2023

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energy storage

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Pireos Power, a Mexico-based solar developer, was scoping out a solution for its client, a big-box retailer consistently topping the Fortune Global 500 list, to reduce electric bill costs at its express grocery location in Metepec, Mexico. With a tight deadline, the client was looking to get this project procured and installed as soon as possible. The facility needed an energy storage system capable of charging during the lower electricity price periods and discharging when the site is experiencing higher price periods.  

Pireos was looking for a partner that provides the advanced software needed to operate the system and procure a system rapidly for the customer. The customer required a solution whose provider could deliver on time and provide support throughout the project lifecycle. Given our success in the Mexico market and proven ability to provide savings, the customer was confident in partnering with us to offer a solution.  


Pireos Power contacted BYD for the system. Energy Toolbase and BYD have a direct hardware and software partnership, where BYD’s CHESS units are directly integrated with Energy Toolbase Acumen EMS™ controls software, making for a quick turnaround time from procurement to commissioning. ETB had a supply of BYD CHESS units ready to deploy, enabled by the partnership. Energy Toolbase swiftly delivered the system to the site, deploying a BYD CHESS 120 kW, 2-hour energy storage system.  

Integrated with Energy Toolbase’s Acumen EMS controls software, Acumen will maximize the value of the customer’s asset through TOU Arbitrage, charging when electricity is cheap and discharging at high price periods. The site is a pilot project for the customer and is included in an extensive portfolio of projects in Mexico.  



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