Energy Storage System Deployed at Marine Coating Facility to Participate in ConnectedSolutions and Reduce Demand Charges

Project Summary Location Cranston, Rhode Island ESS Provider BYD Combined System size 120kW/266kWh Deployment Date April 2024 Facility type Metal Finishing Facility EMS Application Demand Charge Management The Challenge Newport Renewables, a Rhode Island-based clean energy solutions company, was working with an industry leader in marine technology coating to find a solution capable of reducing high-demand charges […]

Facility utilizes Energy Toolbase + Socomec energy storage integration to achieve significantly lower demand charges and microgrid capabilities

Project Summary Location Monrovia, California ESS Provider Socomec Combined System size 500kW/1116kWh Deployment Date December 2023 Facility type Manufacturing Facility EMS Application Value Stocking The Challenge A Los Angeles-based solar energy contractor was searching for a solution for its client, a manufacturer of implantable eye lenses, that would help with historically high demand charges at […]

Energy Toolbase Deploys 2-Megawatt Energy Storage System with Socomec Providing Critical Load Backup at California Mall

Acumen EMS™ and Socomec Battery System Installed at Shopping Mall to Provide Critical Backup to Tenants During Blackouts

Energy Toolbase, Blue Sky Utility, and BPi Power have implemented two energy storage systems (ESS) at a sprawling 328,878-square-foot shopping mall in Hanford, California. Leveraging Energy Toolbase’sAcumen EMS™ controls software and Socomec’s cutting-edge battery technology, the deployment aims to ensure uninterrupted power supply to the mall during utility outages. Blue Sky Utility, a renewable energy developer […]

Acumen EMS™ Deployed at a New York Car Dealership to Enable Participation in Demand Response Programs and Provide Backup Power

Project Summary Location Bedford Hills, New York ESS Provider Socomec System size 100kw/186kWh Deployment Date February 2024 Facility type Car Dealership EMS Application Demand Charge Management The Challenge Sprocket Power, a Katonah, New York-based project developer, was working with a customer in New York State, which historically has a constrained grid and system, requiring utility […]

Acumen EMS™ and Socomec Battery System Installed at Shopping Mall to Provide Critical Backup to Tenants During Blackouts

Project Summary Location Hanford, California ESS Provider Socomec System size 500kW / 2372 kWh across (2) sites Deployment Date January 2024 Facility type Shopping Mall EMS Application Value Stacking (Demand Charge Management, Resiliency) The Challenge Blue Sky Utility, a California-based clean energy developer, collaborated with a client to address the challenge of reducing net load […]

Energy Toolbase completes commissioning on Ventura Energy’s 3.7-Megawatt Hour Energy Storage Portfolio to Provide Emergency Water Backup for Ventura County

Energy Toolbase has completed commissioning on Ventura Energy’s five-site, 3.7-megawatt-hour (MWh) energy storage portfolio at critical water facilities throughout Ventura County. The systems of standalone energy storage are comprised of Tesla Powerpacks and Megapacks controlled byAcumen EMS™ software and enable the end-users to have a reliable water source in the case of an emergency.

Acumen EMS Deployed at Office HQ in Texas to Reduce Demand Charges

Acumen EMS Deployed at Office HQ in Texas to Reduce Demand Charges

Yotta, a renewable energy company headquartered in Austin, Texas, was working with the Texas County & District Retirement System (TCDRS), a non-profit organization, to find a solution to reduce the high electricity charges that the building was experiencing from the local utility, Austin Energy. Yotta and Energy Toolbase were able to deploy a solution that integrated Acumen EMS™ controls software directly within its SolarLEAF ESS, enabling peak shaving, and manage the site’s demand, helping reduce monthly electricity bills.