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Webinar Recap: NEM Paired Storage – Why It Matters (April 2020)


All 3 of California’s investor-owned utilities (IOU’s) are now officially accepting energy storage net metering (NEM paired storage) applications. This permits eligible solar + storage systems to export storage to the grid, given the battery charges entirely from solar. We presented with Brad Heavner, Policy Director at California Solar and Storage Association (CALSSA) to explore the mechanics of how exactly NEM paired storage works and illustrate the value it can add to both residential and commercial projects.

  • 4:15 – Policy history of NEM paired storage and how we got to the CPUC’s latest decision  
  • 13:15 – New NEM paired storage rules for developers 
  • 16:17 – List of certified power control systems
  • 19:44 –  Residential case study in SCE territory & results 
  • 26:32 – Commercial case study & results in SDG&E territory (church)
  • 33:49 – Commercial case study & results in SDG&E territory (school) 
Our next webinar will be on May 7 that we are co-sponsoring with CALSSA on ‘Designing & Selling C&I Storage

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