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WEBINAR: Utility Rates State of the Union

There are a lot of factors that come into play when it comes to the economics of solar and storage projects. From incentives to equipment and your location, all of these things play a role. But one thing that tops that list is utility rate schedules. They are time-consuming to comprehend and always changing and accurate and transparent rates play a big part in estimating the avoided cost of a project. Energy Toolbase is known for having an extensive rates database of 80,000+, maintained by an in-house rates team who tracks changes monthly and adds new rates for users. This webinar goes over how the database is maintained, the process of adding new rates and requesting new rates.
  • Meet the Team – 10:01
  • The standard process for updating rates in Energy Toolbase – 11:20
  • How to request a custom rate – 12:57
  • Global vs. custom rates – 13:20
  • Rates involving a 3rd party supplier – 16:35
  • Proposed/final decision rates – 19:35

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