March 2024 Utility Rates Newsletter

In this month’s newsletter, we cover updates to SDG&E’s rates, explore Arizona Public Service’s (APS) recent rate case, overview a new Energy Use Profile feature for supply-related exports, and share our quarterly numbers.

How Utility Rate Inflation Impacts Energy Storage Viability

As energy markets constantly change, utility rate inflation remains a significant driver of change, creating challenges and opportunities for consumers and businesses alike. One notable shift is the erosion of value for standalone photovoltaic (PV) systems under the NEM 3.0 framework.

February 2024 Utility Rates Newsletter

This month we cover rate cases for Idaho Power, Public Service Company of New Mexico, and Con Edison, highlight the addition of Hawaiian Electric’s Shift & Save rates to our database, and explain the difference between PG&E’s B-1 and B-6 rate schedules.

January 2024 Utility Rates Newsletter

IMPORTANT MONTHLY UPDATES & ANNOUNCEMENTS This month, we break down Duke Energy North Carolina’s rate overhaul, demonstrate how we handle the ACC export values for the California IOUs, highlight a new EUP feature to make calculating RTP values easier, and explain how to ensure that interval data usage matches the …

The Impact of NEM 3.0 on Utility Rate Inflation

It’s been almost a year since California’s California’s Net Billing Tariff (NEM 3.0) went into effect, which profoundly impacted utility rate inflation, completely decoupling the value of imported energy from exported energy.

The Future of Utility Rate Escalation in California

Utility rates in California’s Investor-Owned Utilities (IOU) have escalated at a compound annual growth rate of 3.9% to 7.4% over the last ten years. Energy Toolbase recently conducted this study to provide a transparent account of the rate inflation and predict future inflation rates, serving as a guide for how those in solar and storage sales will define utility rate escalation in their proposals.

December 2023 Utility Rates Newsletter

In this newsletter, we’ll look at a new pilot program with changing TOU periods for Hawaiian Electric utilities, cover how to edit the export energy rate from the Proposal page, look at anticipated rate increases for the new year, and share our 2023 numbers.

November 2023 Utility Rates Newsletter

This month, we cover a 22% base rate increase for New York State Electric & Gas, highlight a name change for East Bay Community Energy in California, explain pre- and post-solar rates for Turlock Irrigation District, and discuss overlapping TOU periods and how to work with them in ETB.

The Dynamics of Retail Electric Rate Changes in California

Given the volatility of California’s energy market, it is no surprise that several factors are at play that strongly impact the state’s retail electric rates. In this blog, we will examine the main drivers of retail electricity cost inflation and provide a higher-level understanding of historical rate increases and how …

October 2023 Utility Rates Newsletter

IMPORTANT MONTHLY UPDATES & ANNOUNCEMENTS October is over, so we’re doing a roundup of the most important utility and rate updates and announcements! This month, we cover the comprehensive multi-year rate case for Duke Energy Progress NC as well as explain what demand ratchets are, how they work, and new …