On-boarding, Training & Overcoming the Learning Curve of Energy Toolbase

As an Account Manager with Energy Toolbase (ETB) I am on the front lines of our customer’s learning development. My primary role is training, onboarding, and supporting our rapidly growing user base. I am constantly reminded of the different challenges our users face when navigating our platform for the first time. I wanted to share some thoughts in this blog, which can hopefully accelerate the learning process for new users so they can fully leverage the Energy Toolbase platform. Here are a few important takeaways that I have learned in my tenure with ETB.

We’re Live On Our New Release

We’re excited to announce that we went live on our latest software update over the weekend. This release has been several months in the making, and is the biggest update we’ve made to our platform since our product debuted in July of last year. Here’s a list of some of …