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We’re Live On Our New Release

We’re excited to announce that we went live on our latest software update over the weekend. This release has been several months in the making, and is the biggest update we’ve made to our platform since our product debuted in July of last year. Here’s a list of some of the features included in our latest build:

  • UI/UX improvements: we’ve redesigned a number of our user interfaces, to make things more streamlined and intuitive.
  • Importing interval data: regardless of the file format of your interval data, users will now instantaneously import their data directly into the browser. Fast, accurate, simple.+
  • Financing ‘Transactions’ customization: users will now be able to fully customize their financing transactions, and decide what gets displayed in the proposal output. This is huge. You can model dual loans, property taxes, insurance costs, and pretty much anything else you can dream up.
  • System Optimization widget: we’ve improved the functionality of our system optimization tools, which let users goal seek optimal system sizes based on defined inputs.
  • Interval data visualization: we’ve taken data visualization to the next level when simulating demand charge reductions from Solar PV and Advanced Energy Storage systems.
  • Advanced Energy Storage: we’ve made a number of enhancements to our AES module, including a redesign of our optimization widget, and a tweak to our ‘peak demand shaving’ algorithm.
  • Create custom utility rate schedules: users can now create their own custom utility rate schedules, via a simple web interface.
  • Help Center: our newly designed Support Center & Knowledge base allows users to search for content and videos on specific features and topics.

A lot of these improvements and new features are a result of direct user feedback we’ve received over the last several months. We are thrilled to have an active and opinionated user base, which happens to include some of the leading Solar PV and Advanced Energy Storage developers nationwide. Please continue to send your feedback, both good and bad. We are listening!

We are not resting on our laurels. While we feel like we’ve made a meaningful improvement to our platform with this release, we’re really most excited about where we are going next. We are committed to improving our product and delighting our users, so stay tuned for future product and feature updates.

About Energy Toolbase:
Energy Toolbase is an industry leading software platform for analyzing and proposing the economics of solar PV and energy storage projects. Hundreds of the leading renewable energy developers nationwide use our software-as-a-service product to accurately, objectively and transparently analyze their projects and create customer facing proposals. For more information or to request a free trial, visit:

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Tracy Fosterling
Energy Toolbase
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