WEBINAR: Developing residential energy storage in 2020: The breakout year for storage?

Summary: Residential (ESS) energy storage system deployments broke records in 2019, with more ESS projects coming on-line than ever before. As we move into 2020, the market is once again projected to grow significantly year-over-year, as the value proposition of residential storage becomes more attractive in many markets across the country. Energy storage reports suggest […]

6 Thoughts on the Current State of Residential Energy Storage Market in California

We hosted a webinar recently entitled “Modeling the Economics Residential Energy Storage Projects in California” where we shared all of our latest insights on the market. We’re constantly learning and adjusting our thinking as the market evolves. We’re fortunate to have a front-row seat, working closely with many of the …

How Much Can a Residential Energy Storage Project Actually Save?

It may be surprising to know that a significant portion of California homeowners buying energy storage systems today are not doing so to save money. In other words, they are not trying to reduce their utility bill or get a return on investment, like they do from a rooftop solar system. Instead, most storage systems today are being bought and sold based on the promise of back-up power or energy independence from the utility. The primary reason for this is that the avoided cost opportunity for residential storage today is not very substantial. On most residential utility rate schedules, energy storage does not have the ability to significantly reduce the utility bill. Therefore, it’s not the core value proposition being sold today.