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WEBINAR: Developing residential energy storage in 2020: The breakout year for storage?


Residential (ESS) energy storage system deployments broke records in 2019, with more ESS projects coming on-line than ever before. As we move into 2020, the market is once again projected to grow significantly year-over-year, as the value proposition of residential storage becomes more attractive in many markets across the country. Energy storage reports suggest from 2019-2020, the market is expected to triple, and be worth more than $2 billion by the end of 2020. Experts also suggest 1 in 5 residential solar systems installed in California next year will be paired with batteries.

Energy Toolbase co-hosted this webinar with SolarEdge, talking about big trends in the residential storage market in 2020. We also demonstrated our recently launched StorEdge residential storage integration, which enables users to accurately model the dispatch and economic value proposition of storage projects with the StorEdge inverter + LG RESU10H battery.

  • here does residential storage stand today? – 2:05
  • SolarEdge company & StorEdge equipment introduction – 8:20 
  • SolarEdge RESU (LG vs. LG Chem, why batteries are selling, Why SolarEdge?) – 17:40 
  • Modeling the Energy Toolbase – SolarEdge residential storage integration – 25:00 
  • Cameron Stewart – Applications Engineer, SolarEdge Technologies 

  • Linh Tran – Director of Sales for Residential ESS Systems, SolarEdge Technologies

  • Adam Gerza – VP Business Development, Energy Toolbase

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