Fortune 500 Beverage Distributor deploys solar + storage to Reduce Demand

Fortune 500 Beverage Distributor deploys solar + storage to Reduce Demand

HES Solar, a San Diego-based project developer, was searching for a solution for the host customer, which is a large Fortune 500 beverage manufacturer, to assist in reducing energy and demand charges at their large distribution facility. The customer wanted to pair its roof-mounted solar PV …

Customer Case Study: CivicSolar, Innovative, Industry-Leading Distribution Company Providing Value to its Partners Around the Nation

As solar and energy storage technologies continue to evolve, along with the policy landscape in different regional markets across the country, distributors are playing a more crucial role than ever. CivicSolar is an innovative distribution company that partners with installers and developers throughout North America. In addition to selling countless different types of solar and storage equipment, CivicSolar provides support and technical services to its dealers, which enables them to cost-effectively design, sell and install systems.

Educating the Solar Industry: A Conversation with John Cromer of Community.Solar

The number of workers in the solar industry has grown rapidly over the last decade. The Solar Foundation’s National Solar Jobs Census found that the industry added over 51,000 jobs in 2016 alone, finishing the year with a total of over 260,000 solar workers nationwide. One out of every 50 new U.S. jobs came from the solar industry in 2016, with 44 of the 50 states increasing the size of their solar workforce. This massive influx of new workers has created strong demand for education and training.

How Run On Sun Reduced Proposal Generation Time and Optimized Project Savings Utilizing Energy Toolbase

Run on Sun is a residential and commercial solar installation company that was founded in 2006 by a group of businessmen, entrepreneurs, and engineers who wanted to leverage their diverse backgrounds to build a better solar company. Run on Sun was founded in part based on a negative experience one of their friends had after deciding to go solar. After selecting a well-known company, they had to wait a full year for their system to be installed, after which point it didn’t work properly.