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Fortune 500 Beverage Distributor deploys solar + storage to Reduce Demand

Fortune 500 Beverage Distributor deploys solar + storage to Reduce Demand
Project Summary


San Diego, California

ESS Provider


System size


Deployment Date

January 2022

Facility type

Distribution Center

EMS Application

Demand Charge Management

The Challenge

HES Solar, a San Diego-based project developer, was searching for a solution for the host customer, a large Fortune 500 beverage manufacturer, to reduce energy and demand charges at their large distribution facility. The customer wanted to pair its roof-mounted solar PV system with an energy storage system that could shave peak demand, deliver meaningful savings, and reduce the building’s net load. The customer is also passionate about reducing its carbon footprint across the corporation’s manufacturing and distribution fleet and was searching for the right renewable assets to do so.

The Solution

HES Solar elected Energy Toolbase’s Acumen EMS™ controls, paired with a BYD CHESS unit, alongside a 435kWh SunPower solar system to reduce peak demand and spread self-generated energy use across more hours of the day. The primary controls application was Demand Charge Management, where Acumen EMS™ leverages its industry-leading machine learning algorithms to forecast load, shave peaks and maximize value capture. there were delays in getting the hardware to the site duo to the ongoing supply chain and shipping issues, but ETB communicated throughout the process, providing consistent updates and once it was delivered, it was installed and commissioned within three weeks.

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