WEBINAR: Ready or Not, Here they Come: PG&E's New B Rates become Mandatory

by Tracy Fosterling on Feb 18, 2021

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After several delays, PG&E’s B rates will become mandatory for all commercial customers in its service territory. The mandatory transition of existing customers to the new rates was originally planned to begin in November of 2020, which was delayed until March of 2021. The transition in March will begin by shifting customers that have an interval meter and at least 12-months of hourly usage data available. 

So, what does this mean for existing and new PG&E customers? Our utility rates team took a deep dive into the new B rates, explained the changes you’ll see when modeling your customers’ C&I projects (daily demand charge rate, max demand charges, energy charges, etc.),  and the grandfathering protection rules. We also performed several C&I case studies using these new rates in Energy Toolbase's ETB Developer platform. 


Erin Christensen - Senior Utility Rates Specialist, Energy Toolbase 

Matt Cimo - Western Regional Manager, Energy Toolbase


  1. Timeline & Transition Process 
  2. Grandfathering Protections 
  3. Shifting of the on-peak TOU period 
  4. New options within B rates
  5. New "Option S" rate
  6. Case studies in ETB Developer modeling platform 

Access the webinar slide deck here.

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