WEBINAR: How Advantageous is PG&E’s Option S, daily demand charge rate tariff, for Energy Storage Projects?

by Adam Gerza, Erin Christensen on Sep 08, 2021

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In March of 2021, PG&E finished mandatory transitioning all C&I customers to their new "B" rates, which featured the 4 – 9 pm “on-peak” period. Within this new suite of rates was the new Option S, daily demand charge rate, which was designed to be a storage-friendly rate option for both the B-19 and B-20 rates. Option S marked the first time $/kW/day daily demand charges have been implemented in California.

In this webinar, we review and unpack PG&E’s Option S rate. We recently conducted an extensive analysis that studied how PG&E’s Option S rate compared to the Option R rate for energy storage savings and economics. We presented our summarized findings and quantify exactly how advantageous Option S is for commercial solar + storage projects in PG&E territory.



  1. Timeline of Option S implementation 
  2. Option S Eligibility Requirements 
  3. B-19 Energy vs. Demand Charges
  4. Monthy vs daily demand charge breakdown 
  5. TOU Demand Charges - Option R vs. S 
  6. Capacity Reservation System
  7. Option S for energy storage projects analysis in ETB Developer 
    1. modeled 10 customer load profiles to understand their influence on savings
  8. Using Energy Toolbase's product suite offering to model your Option S storage projects

Watch the full webinar below: 

You can access and download the slide deckhere

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