Southern California Logistics and Fulfillment Center Installs Energy Storage System to Complement Existing Solar System and Offset High Demand Charges

by Lindsey Paulk on Jul 19, 2023

Demand Charge Management

energy management

energy storage




PVCA, a California-based commercial electrical contractor specializing in solar operations and maintenance, was searching for a solution at a fulfillment center that needed to reduce demand charges after a change in the utility’s rate structure it was on. This particular utility territory has notoriously high demand charges. Previously, the on-site solar system was offsetting the electricity. Demand charges were added in the rate structure change, therefore during the periods of overproduction, the value wasn’t recognized and was ultimately costing the facility thousands of dollars. The customer was looking for an energy storage and management system that could pair with the on-site solar system to lower costs and achieve the ultimate goal of energy reduction.  


PVCA selected Energy Toolbase’s Acumen EMS™ paired with Socomec’s HES L battery to install alongside the solar system to target those high demand charges that typically occur in the afternoon hours. By pairing the current system with this all-in-one energy storage system, the customer will reduce demand charges significantly and save thousands of dollars every month. The customer will be able to gain control of their energy costs, and usage, giving them more freedom with their finances. The customer also plans to potentially expand the facility and increase capacity in the future, and this system will allow a seamless transition due to the infrastructure being in place. Also, by selecting Socomec’s HES L unit, there is an option for microgrid operations in the future if the area experiences more blackouts or critical power outages. 



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