School District Turns to Energy Toolbase & Veregy to Reduce Demand Charges at Elementary Schools

by Lindsey Paulk on Nov 06, 2023

Demand Charge Management

energy management

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Veregy, a Phoenix-based project developer, was searching for a solution for the MSD Wayne Township school district, which expressed interest in adopting a holistic approach to energy management to reduce demand charges and support its energy savings targets over the next 25 years. The school district wanted to pair energy conservation measures (ECMs) with an energy storage system that could reduce demand charges, deliver substantial savings, support five sites in reaching net-zero targets, and assist the district in reducing over 12 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions annually. Demonstrating their passion for reducing their carbon footprint, the customer leveraged HVAC systems, solar canopies, and LED lighting and sought renewable assets to continue doing so. 


To combat high demand charges, Veregy elected Energy Toolbase’s Acumen EMS™ controls paired with an all-in-one BYD energy storage system, totaling 720kW/1,548kWh in energy storage capacity across six sites. The primary controls application was demand charge management, where Acumen EMS™ targets peak demand and forecasts load to do so. BYD’s modular approach allowed Veregy to stack the 120kW/258kWh CHESS systems to fit the project size needed for the school district. The six-site portfolio distributed across MSD Wayne Township elementary schools is Energy Toolbase’s first group of battery systems in Indiana and is the second-largest guaranteed energy savings contract in Indiana. Implementing the energy storage system with Acumen EMS controls will contribute to a total guaranteed savings of $30 million. 



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