Leading Tech Company Deploys BYD Energy Storage System Paired with Acumen EMS™

by Lindsey Paulk on Aug 16, 2023

Demand Charge Management

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A California-based global tech company expressed interest in utilizing a new approach to enhance its electric bill savings by deploying a behind-the-meter energy storage system (ESS). The company sought a sustainability-focused solution to minimize demand charges and energy at their new San Jose office campus. The 85-acre campus is home to a building boasting 286,000 square feet of office space, including notable renewable specs like an 885kW solar system, and needed a system that would help shave demand for the entire campus during different windows throughout the day. In their commitment to sustainability and renewable energy, the tech company turned to a large, San Jose, California-based to find a solution designed to deliver on time and provide support and monitoring during the project lifecycle. 


The developer turned to Energy Toolbase to acquire the turnkey energy storage system. The system will play a preemptive role in improving overall savings at the campus by working against high “on-peak” windows. At the campus, the company elected to deploy four BYD CHESS 120 kW, 2-hour energy storage systems equipped with Energy Toolbase’s Acumen EMS™ controls software. The primary EMS control strategy used will be Time-of-Use Demand Charge Management. The Acumen-controlled ESS is situated with the pre-existing 885kW solar system to shave peak demand and spread self-generated energy use across more hours of the day. The customer will have access to the performance of the system and savings through the ETB Monitor platform.



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