Acumen EMS Deployed at Office HQ in Texas to Reduce Demand Charges

by Lindsey Paulk on Jan 10, 2024

Demand Charge Management

energy management

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Yotta, a renewable energy company headquartered in Austin, Texas, was working with the Texas County & District Retirement System (TCDRS), a non-profit organization, to find a solution to reduce the high electricity charges that the building was experiencing from the local utility, Austin Energy. In their commitment to sustainability, TCDRS enlisted the support of Yotta Energy to assist them in procuring and installing an energy storage system (ESS). TCDRS needed an energy storage system that could pair with the existing 163kW solar system. Yotta and Energy Toolbase had a close relationship and began working on a solution that would integrate Yotta’s SolarLEAF ESS with Acumen EMS™ controls software to achieve the goals of the facility.  


Yotta and Energy Toolbase were able to deploy a solution that integrated Acumen EMS™ controls software directly within its SolarLEAF ESS, enabling peak shaving, and manage the site’s demand, helping reduce monthly electricity bills. The 28kW/52kWh SolarLEAF was installed alongside the facility’s 163 kW solar system to ensure optimal charging and discharging periods. This system also includes Yotta’s solar panels, inverters, and EV chargers. TCDRS will have access to the performance of the system and savings through the ETB Monitor platform. Installing the Acumen EMS-integrated ESS contributes to potential utility cost reductions of a maximum of $1 million over 28 years. The project will also offset 150 metric tons of CO2 annually. TCDRS is installing various energy conservation measures (ECMs), including PV and EV charging stations, for a holistic approach to energy management. 



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