Webinar Recap: CALSSA’s Residential Storage Sales & Project Management
By Tracy Fosterling
on 4/24/2020
  • california storage
  • energy storage
  • residential storage

Energy Toolbase presented on the California Solar and Storage Associations (CALSSA’s) inaugural Professional Development Series webinar. Our presentation was entitled: Residential Energy Storage Sales & Modeling Best Practices.

Here are the main topics we covered in our presentation if you want to skip ahead:

  • 1:06 Summary of the best residential Time-of-use (TOU) rate schedules for solar + energy storage economics in each utility service territory.
  • 3:12 Demonstration on how we model and simulated solar + storage projects in Energy Toolbase.
  • 10:51 Case study results, comparing PV-only vs PV+ESS economics in each utility territory.
  • 12:30 Key insights & takeaways on the current states of the California residential energy storage market.

We will be sponsoring another CALSSA webinar on May 7 titled 'Designing & Selling C&I Storage Systems'. You can register here