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Energy Storage System Deployed at Marine Coating Facility to Participate in ConnectedSolutions and Reduce Demand Charges

Project Summary


Cranston, Rhode Island

ESS Provider


Combined System size


Deployment Date

April 2024

Facility type

Metal Finishing Facility

EMS Application

Demand Charge Management

The Challenge

Newport Renewables, a Rhode Island-based clean energy solutions company, was working with an industry leader in marine technology coating to find a solution capable of reducing high-demand charges at their facility. The facility experiences extremely high demand charges from the utility, National Grid, and sought the support of Newport Renewables to help them procure and deploy a tier 1 energy storage system (ESS) and expressed interest in participating in a demand response program with their local utility to reach sustainability goals. Newport Renewables had been modeling the project and Energy Toolbase began looking for a solution that would integrate BYD’s innovative battery technology with Acumen EMS™ controls software to achieve the goals of the facility that would also meet the criteria set by the utility to participate in the ConnectedSolutions program. 

The Solution

With Energy Toolbase, Newport effectively secured a BYD Chess 120kW unit, delivered to the site fully integrated with Energy Toolbase’s Acumen EMS™ controls software, capable of reducing demand and participating in the ConnectedSolutions program. The automated dispatch will done through the ETB Monitor platform after ingesting day-ahead signals from CPower, a virtual power plant provider. The objective of the program is to diminish energy consumption during peak periods, consequently lowering the overall expenses associated with grid operation, all the while maintaining stable electricity rates for consumers. The battery was installed alongside the facility’s 861kW solar system to ensure optimal charging and discharging periods, with the primary controls application being demand charge management to optimize bill savings.  

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