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3.7-Megawatt Hour Energy Storage Portfolio Deployed to Provide Emergency Water Supply for Ventura County

3.7-Megawatt Hour Energy Storage Portfolio Deployed to Provide Emergency Water Supply for Ventura County
Project Summary


Ventura County, California

ESS Provider


System size

3.7 Megawatt Hours (MHw) (5) sites

Deployment Date

January 2024

Facility type

Critical Water Facilities

EMS Application

Load Signal Demand Charge Management

The Challenge

Ventura County was in search of a solution that would be able to keep water pumps on and supply water to county residents in case of an emergency. In December 2017, the Thomas Fire burned 281,000 acres, and 250,000 county residents lost power. Much of Ventura County’s water is served by wells powered by electricity, meaning when the power is out, residents do not have access to water. Ventura Energy was searching for a hardware and software solution to provide reliable backup capabilities at five critical water facilities throughout the county. It also needed an energy management system (EMS) that would allow the system to participate in the state’s Demand Response Auction Mechanism program (DRAM).   


The Solution

Ventura Energy turned to Energy Toolbase to enable grid participation for the five sites – as more than traditional savings and revenue streams were required to move the projects forward. Equipped with Acumen EMS™ software, Ventura Energy deployed standalone energy storage systems comprised of Tesla Powerpacks and Megapacks. Enabled by Energy Toolbase’s partnership with Leap Energy, the systems will participate in the state’s DRAM program, a pay-as-bid solicitation created to strengthen grid stability and synchronize the reliability demand response of utilities with CAISO, Californias grid operator. In addition to participating in demand response and grid services programs, this partnership will help maximize value and revenue and bolster California’s grid for future projects through a distinctive performance-based revenue-share model. Enrolling the projects in the DRAM program will also help compensate for demand-side resources when the grid is under tension.  

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