Case Studies

Achieving cost avoidance through TOU arbitrage, peak shaving, and demand response

Achieving cost avoidance through TOU arbitrage
Project Summary


Highland, California

ESS Provider

Chint Power Systems

System size


Deployment Date

September 2020

Facility type

Food wholesale market

EMS Application

TOU Arbitrage/Demand Response Support

The Challenge
The customer was unsatisfied with their existing storage energy management system (EMS) provider and requested a solution that could maximize savings across multiple different value streams. The customer required a flexible EMS that could participate in their local utility’s demand response program, in addition to managing peak demand limits, and capturing savings from TOU arbitrage. Furthermore, the project developer sized the ESS system on behalf of the customer, a nearly 100-year-old meat manufacturing facility and wholesaler, to limit site load to 500 kW in order to not ratchet upwards onto a higher fixed cost rate tariff. 
The Solution
Energy Toolbase’s Acumen EMS™  paired with a Chint Power Systems (CPS) energy storage system was able to meet all the customer’s requirements for the PV attached system. The solution optimizes the capture of bill savings from TOU arbitrage, demand charge management, and providing demand response support to a third-party dispatch signal. Additionally, the customer has confidence in knowing that ETB will continue to re-optimize the ESS dispatch as their rate tariff and demand response program price signals continue to evolve. Since commissioning, the customers’ site load has remained comfortably under the 500 kW max demand threshold.

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