The Evolution and Impact of Demand Response Programs

Demand Response (DR) programs have significantly advanced over the past few decades and are key players in energy management and grid stability. In this blog, we take a deep dive into the history of DR programs, exploring everything from technological advancements and regulatory changes to the prospects of these programs.  Early Beginnings: 1970s to 1990s […]

Modeling Grid Services – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This blog summarizes answers to some of the most frequently asked questions the Energy Toolbase team receives about modeling Grid Services. These cover a range of topics related to demand response programs and how Energy Toolbase is evolving to meet user needs. Let’s dive into the details.  Will more demand response programs become available in […]

Energy Toolbase Enables Users to Co-optimize Grid Services and Utility Bill Savings

We are excited to announce a groundbreaking update to Energy Toolbase’s ETB Developer product: the co-optimization of grid services and utility bill savings. This enhancement allows solar and storage projects to capitalize on diverse value streams, not only improving overall project economics but also rendering these estimates more reliable.

Demand Response in California with Energy Toolbase

Demand response is a value stream targeted by energy storage systems and involves shifting or reducing power during peak periods when the grid is significantly strained. De mand response works to balance the grid and manage the supply and demand of electricity, helping to avoid power outages caused by overconsumption …

Energy Toolbase, Ventura Energy, and Leap Deploy a Portfolio of Grid-Interactive Storage Projects to Support the California Grid

Energy Toolbase, Ventura, and Leap Energy will deploy a five-site portfolio of standalone energy storage projects, deployed at critical water facilities, will participate in the wholesale energy markets and provide critical support to California’s grid through a program facilitated byLeap, a leading provider of energy market access for distributed energy resources.

Hawaii Public Utilities Commission (PUC) Approves Emergency Demand Response Program, Offering Lucrative Incentives for Energy Storage Systems

The Hawaii PUC recently approved an Emergency Demand Response Program (EDPR) to swiftly incentivize
energy storage projects to help replace a 180-megawatt (MW) coal plant in Oahu being retired in September 2022. The Aloha state’s EDPR and Scheduled Dispatch Program Rider (SDP) is taking a
proactive approach to help Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) alleviate reduced resources ahead of a coal plant closure that currently provides about 15% of the demand on the island.