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Employee Spotlight Series: Matt Moyer, Product Manager, ETB Monitor

Our ETB Monitor software continually evolves to deliver the most precise real-time insights into the operational performance and savings of your solar + storage systems. In recent months, we’ve introduced several exciting updates, includingSolar-Only Monitoring andConnect My Data, thanks to the dedicated efforts of our Product and Engineering teams. 

MeetMatt Moyer, the Product Manager ofETB Monitor, based at our headquarters in Stuart, Florida. With six years of experience at Energy Toolbase, Matt underscores the significance of ETB Monitor, showcases recently launched projects, and offers users a glimpse into what they can anticipate from ETB Monitor in the future. 

Q: What is your role at Energy Toolbase, specifically within the Product team? 

A: I am the Product Manager of ETB Monitor. At a high level, this means that I manage the roadmap, plan new feature ideas, develop business plans, and lead the UX design of the app. I love this role because I get to work with all the different teams at ETB. For any given feature, I get to work with the executive team to determine prioritization, work with sales and operations teams to get feedback on the design and project plan, work with engineering to build the new feature, work with the services team to support the project and work with our marketing teams to promote the new feature set. 

Q: What are some exciting things you’re working on for ETB Monitor  

A: The most exciting thing for me is our continued expansion into the solar monitoring market. Taking all the learnings and software we’ve developed over the years by modeling and monitoring ourAcumen EMS and being able to apply them to a new market has been rewarding. We have some solar inverter integrations coming up this year that I am quite excited about, but I can’t go into more detail just yet. Another exciting project we are releasing soon is ETB Monitor showing the rate switch impact on a billing period-by-billing period basis. I am excited about this because it expands on ETB Monitor’s market-leading electric bill cost and savings feature set. 

Q: What drives the development of new features and functionalities for ETB Monitor? 

A: ETB Monitor has two goals: to be the best monitoring platform possible for ETB’s Acumen EMS, and to be the best solar monitoring platform on the market. Everything we do on the Monitor team is driven by one of those two goals, and usually both. 

Q: What platform features does ETB Monitor offer that you feel are the most important for the monitoring stage of your projects? 

A: Accurate Bill Calculations. Energy Toolbase has been the gold standard for electric bill cost and savings calculations for over 10 years. Being able to not only model the electric bill savings with ETB Developer but now also track those savings on the monitoring side while using all the same utility rate data and bill calculations across the product suite is a core feature of what ETB Monitor does better than any monitoring solution available – and is the most important feature to our customers. 

Q: How have you seen ETB Monitor grow over the years? 

A: ETB Monitor is lucky to be where it is in Energy Toolbase’s Model-Control-Monitor platform because we get to grow along with everything else we do. From new net metering frameworks and modeling capabilities in ETB Developer to automated demand response and enhanced site performance metrics with Acumen EMS, as the last stop on the end-to-end platform, Monitor gets to take part in the growth across the whole spectrum of ETB’s product line. 

Q: What is a project that you’ve recently worked on that you’re particularly excited about?  

A: We just released a project called Connect My Data, which is Monitor pulling in live Green Button energy usage data directly from the utility. This is an integration with all the major utilities and CCA’s in California that lets Monitor pull in site energy usage data on a rolling basis, as measured by the utility. This is a brand-new feature to the market and enables Monitor users to compare the meter associated with their solar/battery project on-site to the utility’s meter to make sure the customer is getting billed correctly by the utility. 


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