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We’ve Launched a New Feature in ETB Monitor: Green Button – Connect My Data

We are excited to announce the launch of a new feature inETB Monitor that gives our users yet another layer of accuracy when monitoring their solar and energy storage assets in the field. From ensuring that utility bills align with actual usage to optimizing the performance of your renewable assets, every detail matters. That’s why we’ve introduced theConnect My Data feature. Our Connect My Data functionality allows users to automatically pull in utility usage interval data on a rolling basis – no more manual data downloads and uploads from cumbersome utility portals. Access your data in real-time, effortlessly, and accurately. 


Figure 1: Connect My Data Utility Daily Data Overlayed with Actual Usage in ETB Monitor

One of the standout features of Connect My Data is its ability to automatically retrieve utility usage interval data on a rolling basis. This solution is made possible through ourGreen Button Connect My Data API, which seamlessly integrates with supported utilities. Users cancompare their actual usage with ETB’s meter to what the utility is reporting as their usage. 


Figure 2: Connect My Data Utility Interval Data Overlayed with Actual Usage Data in ETB Monitor

This feature ensures that customers are billed correctly by utility providers. By comparing utility-reported usage with actual usage data, users can promptly identify discrepancies and address potential billing errors. Our team has uncovered cases where utilities were overcharging customers by large amounts due to malfunctioning utility-owned meters. In one instance, a customer was overcharged by over $5,000 for a single billing period – highlighting the importance of accurate metering and electric bill savings analysis. 

Connect My Data is currently available for customers of Pacific Gas and Electric, San Diego Gas and Electric, Southern California Edison, and associated Community Choice Aggregation programs. Best of all, this feature is free to all ETB Monitor customers in supported utility territories, whether they have solar installations or solar + battery sites. 

We aim to streamline the process of accessing utility usage interval data and ensuring its accuracy to empower our users to take control of their electric bills, optimize renewable energy systems, and ultimately, save money. With Connect My Data, the future of energy management is more efficient, transparent, and accessible than ever before. To see this feature in action, register for ourETB Monitor Training Session Webinar or see our setup manual for your existing sites,Setting Up Green Button – Connect My Data in ETB Monitor – Energy Toolbase. 

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