The Evolution and Impact of Demand Response Programs

Demand Response (DR) programs have significantly advanced over the past few decades and are key players in energy management and grid stability. In this blog, we take a deep dive into the history of DR programs, exploring everything from technological advancements and regulatory changes to the prospects of these programs.  Early Beginnings: 1970s to 1990s […]

Modeling Grid Services – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This blog summarizes answers to some of the most frequently asked questions the Energy Toolbase team receives about modeling Grid Services. These cover a range of topics related to demand response programs and how Energy Toolbase is evolving to meet user needs. Let’s dive into the details.  Will more demand response programs become available in […]

Energy Storage System Deployed at Marine Coating Facility to Participate in ConnectedSolutions and Reduce Demand Charges

Project Summary Location Cranston, Rhode Island ESS Provider BYD Combined System size 120kW/266kWh Deployment Date April 2024 Facility type Metal Finishing Facility EMS Application Demand Charge Management The Challenge Newport Renewables, a Rhode Island-based clean energy solutions company, was working with an industry leader in marine technology coating to find a solution capable of reducing high-demand charges […]

Facility utilizes Energy Toolbase + Socomec energy storage integration to achieve significantly lower demand charges and microgrid capabilities

Project Summary Location Monrovia, California ESS Provider Socomec Combined System size 500kW/1116kWh Deployment Date December 2023 Facility type Manufacturing Facility EMS Application Value Stocking The Challenge A Los Angeles-based solar energy contractor was searching for a solution for its client, a manufacturer of implantable eye lenses, that would help with historically high demand charges at […]

Unveiling the Future of Energy Management: Energy Toolbase and SolarAcademy Explore Acumen EMS™ and Its Forecasting Capabilities

In a recent Solar Conversation hosted by SolarAcademy, a San Diego-based social knowledge platform for the solar energy industry, Nathan Gutzmann, Product Manager of Acumen EMS™, joined Kerim Baran to delve into the cutting-edge capabilities of Acumen EMS. This illuminating discussion unpacked all things Acumen, from its utilization of AI and machine learning to forecast and […]