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WEBINAR: What does CA’s NEM-3 “Net Billing” Tariff mean for Solar and Storage Economics?


Net Metering 3.0 is final and establishes an entirely new “Net Billing” tariff framework.  The new methodology reduces the value of exported energy by roughly 75% compared to NEM-2 levels and completely decouples the value of imports from exports. This will considerably erode the value of solar-only projects and create a strong price signal for pairing energy storage with solar.

The ETB product and engineering teams have refactored our backend savings engine to account for ACC hourly export values precisely. This enables users to precisely model the value of exports, total bill savings, and the overall project economics of any NEM-3 project. This webinar demos the new functionality and shares our latest insights on how the new NEM-3 tariff will affect the economics of solar and storage projects. We review in-depth residential and commercial scenarios in all 3 IOU territories (PG&E, SCE, SDG&E).


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