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WEBINAR: Sunstone Credit Launches on Sales Platform Offering Instant Commercial Solar + Storage Loan Quotes


Energy Toolbase has launched its newest financing integration partner, Sunstone Credit, on the ETB Developer sales and modeling platform. Leveraging Sunstone’s financing solutions, ETB Developer users can generate commercial solar and energy storage financing quotes on demand. Designed with small and medium-sized commercial borrowers in mind, you can finance solar projects and apply electricity generation strategies at a lower cost. The integration is housed directly in the platform, providing users with several financing options for their commercial projects, including a seamless loan application process and solar loans with borrower-friendly terms.

  • Introduction to Sunstone Credit
  • Sunstone Credit loan product offering
  • Accessing integration in ETB Developer
  • The benefits of using Sunstone Credit
  • Application process
  • Best practices for modeling Sunstone in ETB Developer
  • Brooke Morales – Product Manager, ETB Developer, Energy Toolbase
  • Duncan Hinkle – Co-Founder & Head of Business Development, Sunstone Credit

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