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WEBINAR: SGIP Equity Resiliency Budget: How to Identify & Close Deals


The SGIP Equity Resiliency Budget is one of the most favorable incentives for energy storage projects in California to date. It’s at the forefront of almost all conversations with an incentive level set at $1,000/kWh. This level of assistance will likely subsidize an entire system, leading to a dramatic increase in energy storage installations in the next 12 months. This webinar goes into detail into how to determine if a customer qualifies for the Equity Resiliency incentives, and how to seek out new leads that qualify. Co-hosted by Station A, a SaaS platform that helps clean energy developers and energy users analyze markets, find new customers, and provide insight into available technology and financial options.

  • Timeline/history of SGIP program & Senate Bill 700 – 3:06
  • Finalized CPUC SGIP budget allocations – 4:50
  • Equity Resiliency eligibility requirements – 6:08
  • Overview & History of Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) – 9:57
  • Finding out who qualifies for SGIP Equity budget with Station A  – 17:40 
  • Modeling Equity Resiliency incentives in Energy Toolbase – 35:10

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