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WEBINAR: Modeling Solar + Storage on CCAs


In California, there are now 19 (CCA’s) Community Choice Aggregators serving more than 10 million electric customers statewide. CCA’s are becoming more popular by the day, with hundreds of developers already modeling solar + storage projects on them and more than half of California’s population has or is developing community choice energy. With all the confusion surrounding policy, governance and specifics of CCAs, this webinar goes in depth into what they are and how they fit into the complex electricity puzzle. This webinar highlights everything that developers need to know about CCAs from modeling projects with them to all the different NEM rules associated with CCAS throughout California.

  • What is Community Choice Energy? – 6:22
  • Why Community Choice Energy? – 12:00
  • How are CCAs governed? – 13:00
  • Impacts of CCAs – 16:15 
  • Emerging CCAs in California – 19:55
  • CCAs in Energy Toolbase – 21:30
  • How Energy Toolbase handles CCAs – 26:12
  • NEM rules – 34:05 

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