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WEBINAR: Maximizing the Value of Commercial (C&I) Storage Projects with Energy Toolbase & Socomec Energy Storage Solutions


Energy Toolbase and Socomec Innovative Power Solutions are now integrated to enable solar and energy storage developers to seamlessly model, control, and monitor energy storage projects. Socomec’s energy storage solutions have been added to Energy Toolbase’s ETB Developer sales and modeling platform which allows users to run energy storage dispatch simulations and savings analysis that are representative of how Socomec’s Energy Storage Systems (ESS), controlled by energy Toolbase’s Acumen EMS™ controller would operate in the field.  

This webinar overviews in-depth the integration, the specifications of the ESS, Acumen EMS controls software, and how to utilize the Socomec – ETB combination to streamline the modeling, purchasing, and deployment process of your commercial solar and storage projects. 

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