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WEBINAR: Luminia Launches on ETB Developer Platform Offering C&I PPA and PACE Financing of Solar, Energy Efficiency and Storage Projects


Energy Toolbase has launched Luminia’s financing solution onto the ETB Developer platform to allow for in-platform PPA and other financing options for commercial solar, energy storage, and energy efficiency projects. With Luminia’s unique financing solutions, ETB users can now instantly pre-qualify and quote Clean Energy PPA® and PACE loans inside the platform.

Launching this integration directly within the platform gives users an additional option for getting their financing and PPA/PACE quotes instantly generated with a few clicks, expediting the modeling, quoting, and selling process to get more renewable projects deployed in the field. Lumina uniquely pairs first-of-its-kind financing solutions with its proprietary technology platform, enabling commercial and industrial property owners to deploy a broad range of sustainability improvements, including solar, energy storage, electric vehicle charging stations and other energy efficiency upgrades without any upfront payment.


  • Introduction to Luminia
  • Luminia financing solutions
  • Deep dive into PPAs and PACE financing for C&I projects
  • Accessing integration in ETB Developer
  • Application process
  • Documentation needed for financing
  • Proceeding with financing – next steps

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