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WEBINAR: Energy Toolbase Integrates Chint Power Systems Onto ETB Platform

Energy Toolbase has integrated Chint Power Systems onto our platform, making it the first hardware integration to be available for users. This integration will enable users to quickly and accurately analyze the economic viability of solar and storage and standalone storage projects for C&I customers. This CPS solution comes fully integrated with Pason Power’s intelligent Energy Management System (iEMS) software, which optimizes the dispatch of the system and provides savings analysis that is representative of how the CPS system, controlled by the Pason Power iEMS, would operate in the field.
  • Who is CPS Americas? – 2:10 
  • CPS storage solutions – 3:48 
  • Pason Power + CPS – 8:35
  • How to apply for the integration – 15:25
  • Modeling commercial storage with CPS + ETB – 16:55

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