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WEBINAR: Breaking down SCE’s final decision rates

Southern California Edison (SCE) is in the process of rolling out new rates for its residential, commercial and agriculture customers. These new rates will have a significant impact on the economics of solar and energy storage projects, driven largely by the fact that the “on-peak” time-of-use (TOU) periods are shifting much later in the evening, 4-9pm. This webinar helps to understand the basic characteristics of the new rates and where the most significant changes will be felt in order to accurately calculate and present savings analysis to customers.
  • Timeline & key dates – 7:20
  • Why model with proposed/final decision rates? – 8:30
  • New TOU periods – 10:58
  • Grandfathering eligibility & timing – 12:00
  • Breakdown: commercial, residential, agriculture rate changes – 13:43
  • Utilizing ETB to determine the financial effects of new SCE rates – 22:20
  • Big-picture takeaways – 40:09

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