Utah Approves Extension of Solar Tax Credit

Utah Governor Gary Herbert signed a new bill into law (SB 141) that grants an extension to the state’s solar tax credit. The bill extends the cap on the maximum credit each residential solar system can claim under the 25% solar tax credit by two years. This bill provides stability for the Utah solar market as it adapts to changes to rate structures and net metering.

Utah: Rocky Mountain Power & Solar Industry Advocates agree on alternative Net Metering program

The Public Service Commission (PSC) of Utah unanimously approved a settlement deal, reached between Rocky Mountain Power and a group of solar industry advocates, which ends the utility’s full retail credit Net Metering (NEM) program. This effectively means that new solar customers will no longer be reimbursed at a full 1:1 credit for extra energy they export back to the grid. The Utah Solar Energy Association, who was a signatory to the settlement deal commented that “this compromise, which comes with challenges, maintains solar as an affordable and secure investment, encourages self-reliance and promotes choice in our energy market.”