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Expert design and advisory services performed by our team of domain experts. Outsource your techno-economic analysis to ETB, including Economic Site Optimization, Portfolio Assessments, and Market Feasibility Analysis. We analyze, validate, and optimize all aspects of your solar + storage project(s).

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Who we serve

ETB provides consulting services to a variety of stakeholders, including:

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Corporations & Business Owners

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Facility Managers

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Solar & Storage Project Developers

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Financiers & Investors


We offer a range of consulting services where we analyze and optimize the economics of projects on your behalf and advise on where the best opportunities lie within a given market. Our rigorous techno-economic analysis generally includes:

  • Solar + Storage system sizing optimization
  • Solar PV preliminary design layout
  • Revenue and incentive program risk assessment
  • Portfolio Assessment and Market Feasibility Analysis
  • Comprehensive financial proforma with sensitivity analysis
  • Demand Response / Grid Services revenue quantification


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Project Development Expertise

Decades of combined full-lifecycle project development experience, from feasibility study through to EPC and ongoing operations and maintenance.

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Local Market Know-How

Deep understanding of regional market policies and regulations: rate tariffs, NEM frameworks, incentive programs, and optimization strategies.

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Quality Assurance

Rigorous QA process where members of our utility rates and enterprise services team validate all assumptions, ensuring precise and bankable analysis.

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Leverage Your Time

Utilize our extensive modeling expertise and insights. Focus your team’s finite time and energy on high-value opportunities that will close. 


Economic Site Optimization

Our team performs a comprehensive techno-economic analysis on your behalf for a specific Facility or Meter. We rigorously evaluate all aspects of your project, making recommendations on optimal system sizing, rate tariff, and incentive program stacking strategies.

Portfolio Assessment

Our team will objectively assess, qualify, and rank your portfolio of potential sites by return on investment. We analyze each site using location-specific rate tariffs, NEM frameworks, incentive programs, and DR/wholesale market revenue opportunities. Our technical feasibility plan will make specific recommendations on where to focus your development resources.

Market Feasibility Analysis

We advise on the strategy, economic viability, and risk assessment of different project types (PV-only, PV+ESS) in specific regional markets and utility territories. Leverage the insights we see by virtue of millions of projects being modeled on our sales software platform, ETB Developer.

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