WEBINAR: Modeling the Economics of Residential Energy Storage in California

by Tracy Fosterling on Aug 01, 2019

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The residential energy storage market in California is growing with the assistance of declining battery prices and more "storage friendly" rate schedules. This webinar overviews all the factors playing into residential storage in California including SGIP, the SB700 extension, new SGIP requirements and the best/worst rate schedules in the three IOU'S (PG&E, SCE, SDG&E) for PV + ESS projects.


Adam Gerza -  COO, Energy Toolbase

Tracy Fosterling - Marketing Manager, Energy Toolbase 


1.) WoodMac/ESA Q2 report – residential storage deployment numbers - 1:40
2.) SGIP – recent data review - 3:21 
3.) SGIP – latest proposed rule changes - 5:58
4.) Adam's SolarPowerWorld article on SCE's TOU-D-PRIME rate PV-only vs. PV+ESS economics today - 8:00
5.) Review best schedules for PV+ESS economics in SDG&E, PG&E, SCE - 23:32
6.) Key takeaway's - 34:47


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